Remote Starters


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Having a remote starter installed on your vehicle is a perfect solution to those frozen mornings in the winter or those hot, roasting days in the summer when you have to start your vehicle to go to work. We all dread waking up in the morning, running out to our car, truck, mini-van or SUV and starting it up so that we can warm it up before we have to leave for work during those freezing winter months. Or how about those days when we have just worked all day and we’re tired, hot and cranky and then we have to crawl inside our roasting hot vehicle that has been sitting in the sun all day and is twice as hot as it is outside. That’s where a remote start can make those days just a little bit better. As long as you are within range of your vehicle, you can simply pull your remote from your pocket, press a button and your car will start. Setting up your air conditioning system before you exit your vehicle will allow your car, truck, mini-van or SUV to adjust to the perfect temperature before you ever crawl inside.

Who wants to leave an unattended, running vehicle sitting for anyone to take off with, in this day and age? Not to worry … that has already been thought about! When your vehicle has been started with a remote starter, there is no key in the ignition. Once someone hits the break to put the vehicle into gear, the vehicle will shutdown. Therefore, it is impossible for someone to take off with your car, truck, mini-van or SUV.


Not Just For Comfort

A remote starter is awesome for warming or cooling the interior of your vehicle during hot or cold seasons, but something else many fail to realize is that a remote starter can also assist in extending the life of your car, truck, mini-van or SUV. How is that possible? Many times, we jump into our vehicle and take off without ever allowing the vehicle’s engine to warm up. This can be hard on your engine and transmission. As the years go by, new technologies state that you don’t have to allow your car to warm up as you did before the age of computers or sophisticated technologies … But, this only means that you don’t have to let them run for 15 to 20 minutes before you pull away. You still want to allow your vehicle warm up for a couple of minutes and having a remote starter installed on your car, truck, mini-van or SUV will allow you to do so.